Thursday, 11 August 2016

Is Coffee All Bad ?

Salaam my people, it been a while hope you are all doing well....... Do you love your cuppa coffee ? How often do you take it and how do you feel about it... ?

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We hear soo many controversy about weather drinking coffee being good or bad. And obviously the negetivity about coffee tends to be on the high, but is it all bad ? no ofcause
coffee is loaded with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients that can improve your health

Credit: Pixabay

Coffee can also be used for your cosmetics need and can be applied on the hair or on the skin, in a form of a paste for a glowing look
i personaly love the smell and taste of coffee, and i love my cuppa coffee with cream or milk. What is your favourate cuppa coffee ?

Friday, 17 June 2016

Healthy eating in Ramadhan...

Salaam, (peace be unto to you all)
hope you are all doing well, and are making out the best of Ramadhan ... RAMADHAN MUBAKAK to you all....

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healthy eating is important in our every day life, and month of ramadhan serve as a perfect opportunity to eat right and detox the body but unfotunatly most of us spend time and money feasting on food instead of fasting... we make common mistakes at the time of sahoor (the dawn meals) and at the time of iftar (breaking of fast) am going to share with you a little i have learnt about eating right in ramadhan
about hydration its best to drink lots of water durring the night rather than rushing to drink more water at the time of sahoor..... do not break your fast with cold water or any fizzy or carbonated drinks, this is because fasting all day makes the kidneys to dehydrate hence taking in cold drinks first thing may cause the kidneys to fail.
break your fast with Dates, Water, Fresh fruits and juices but avoid citric fruits, like oranges pineapples and the likes, coffee and caffienated drinks should be avoided durring the dawn meals as this may cause dehydration eat a well balanced meal to stay strong and healthy